Tuesday, April 13, 2021

About us

Tech News Chronicle is one of the most prominent News Portal in the world of technology that brings together world-class News, Articles, and Features from Various Sources.

The Website www.technewschronicle.com has become a repository of the latest News and Articles categorizing various areas of Technology including ANDROID, CAMERAS, COMPUTER HARDWARE, DISPLAY, GADGETS, GAMES, LAPTOPS, and other products. One of the main objectives of this website is to educate customers worldwide about the latest Products and services in the market related to technology.

Tech news chronicle was founded in 2018 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to technology that would cater to what he called “alpha geeks”: technologists and IT professionals. His vision was to build a publication with a simple editorial mission: be “technically savvy, up-to-date, and more fun” than what was currently popular in the space. In the ensuing years, with formidable contributions by the unique editorial staff, Tech news chronicle became a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, breakdowns of the latest scientific advancements, gadget reviews, software, hardware, and nearly everything else found in between layers of silicon.

Tech news chronicle innovates by listening to its core readership. Readers have come to demand devotedness to accuracy and integrity, flanked by a willingness to leave each day’s meaningless, click-bait fodder by the wayside. The result is something unique: the unparalleled marriage of breadth and depth in technology journalism.

The Tech news chronicle editorial team didn’t fret over journalistic innovation, however. Tech news chronicle fused opinion, analysis, and straight-laced reporting into an editorial product long before commercial “blogs” arrived on the scene and claimed to reinvent journalism by doing the same. The company pushed the ideals of transparency and community before these were buzzwords. It is these ideals that have kept the company growing since its birth, and readers can expect more of the same in the future.

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